TGIDIYFriday: Mulling Spices


It’s time for the first TGIDIYFriday craft of 2012, and I’m happy to report it’s easy peasy. And super delicious too. Better yet, if you have kiddos, this is a great project for them to jump in on, as there’s no sharp objects, hot glue guns, or fragile items involved.

Today we’re making homemade mulling spices for cider, juice or red wine. It’s a great cold weather treat, a fun winter housewarming/hostess gift, and just great to keep around the house for guests. For my step-by-step instructions on making DIY mulling spices, pop on over to hi, friend design and check out my monthly guest blog.

I’ve already enjoyed my fair share of mulled cider this season – now it’s your turn. Cider + laying on the couch + trashy television makes for a great night. Trust me.

Happy crafting in the kitchen and have a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “TGIDIYFriday: Mulling Spices

  1. Meredith Taylor Said:

    I love your slippers! I used to have shoes that looked like them, but they rubbed my foot wrong. Are those Land’s End or Bean?

    1. kirsten Said:

      Thank you Meredith! They are LL Bean and super cozy:).

  2. Andrea Said:

    Great recipe! And love the slippers! I got the same pair for Christmas!

  3. lee Said:

    love this gorgeous post kirsten!
    lovely photos and a yummy recipe… mmm.


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