TGIDIYFriday – story book apples & pears

It’s September! And the first Friday of the month (cheers to a 3 day weekend!), which means it’s time for a little TGIDIYFriday action. Pop on over to hi, friend to check out my how-to on creating a story book fruit bowl. A story book fruit bowl? It’s true.

I’ve been eyeing this DIY since Anthropologie carried these cute little rhinos last winter:

So with a few supplies, and lots of mod podge, I created my own.

After piecing together pages from old magazines and books, here’s what you’ll end up with…

Again, for the full tutorial and list of supplies, visit me over at hi, friend today. And then after that, have a fabulous Labor Day weekend. Three days off in a row is heaven – enjoy!

2 thoughts on “TGIDIYFriday – story book apples & pears

  1. Katie Newcomb Said:

    I love these! The leaves are so cute! I saw some pumpkins on pinterest and can’t wait to make them for Halloween :)

  2. jenn Said:

    These turned out great! What a fun, creative project :)


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