TGIDIYFriday: Wood Doormat

Happy Friday, friends!

Remember last month when I blogged about my craft weekend? Well, one of the very first projects we tackled was this lovely doormat! The project only involves a few supplies and the end result is a fabulously functional doormat that every Pacific Northwest family must own. To get all the DIY instructions, pop on over to hi, friend and check out my guest blog here.

We didn’t stain or paint the wood, but that’s always a fun option!

Have a wonderful Easter with family and friends! I am hoping to have a few spring tablescape photos to show off on Monday and I promise to make the big announcement next week РI just had too much good stuff to share this week:).

6 thoughts on “TGIDIYFriday: Wood Doormat

  1. Kim @ Yellow Brick Home Said:

    Love, love, love the look of these! How well does it hold up in weather? I’m wondering if it’s more for looks or if it’s functional too. If we end up making one, that’ll be two doormats we’ve modeled after you! :)

  2. Julia Said:

    So cute! I love your front door…beautiful!

  3. Lila Smyth Said:

    Great DIY. Looks great and seems so doable. I might make one for my back door, where we come in from our little and often muddy garden :)

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