The Big 3-0

Morning! My brain is buzzing with “new” house updates that I must share with you, but until I get my act together and get some photos uploaded, I thought I’d share a few professional 30th birthday photos! Again, the talented Lisa Teso ¬†snapped the below photos, and I’m so grateful she was there to capture the evening.

Okay, I promise I only have ONE more 30th birthday post left in me…as I must share a few details about the decor, guests, and evening.

I promise I have a few good house photos up my sleeve for you all this week – stay-tuned!

10 thoughts on “The Big 3-0

  1. Joy Said:

    Gorgeous! You’re giving me lots of ideas about how I’d like to celebrate my big 3-0. Cheers!

  2. Jen Said:

    So lovely! Thanks for sharing. I am traveling to San Diego this weekend for my friend’s 30th and wondered if you had any favorite gifts you received? I haven’t been able to think of just the perfect thing yet!

  3. Jenn Said:

    These photos are amazing! I can’t wait to see details — it looks like such a beautiful party!

    And, yes, house updates please! :)

  4. Megan Said:

    Gorgeous party! Is that gold leaf topping on the cupcakes? Did your bakery do that for you, or did you get the topping elsewhere? Thanks!

  5. Kristen @ Inspired Whims Said:

    Kirsten, it looks like you had such a special party! Besides the gorgeous decor, the smiles tell all. Happy belated to you…I’m next on the 30 train, in just a few months. :)

  6. [email protected] Blue Said:

    Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful time :)

  7. Kim Paiement Said:

    So bummed I wasn’t able to make it but it looks like it turned out wonderful, as I knew it would!

  8. Dani Said:

    Happy birthday! Your dress is so fun and flirty…the perfect 30th birthday look!

    Dani //


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