The Dresser 2.0

Morning, friends.

I know, I know. I still have yet to take photos of our renovated bathroom. It will happen soon, I promise. For now, I hope a few master bedroom updates will do. Remember this dresser that nearly killed me? Well, it made the move to the new house with us (we did break a knob in the move – shoot!) and it’s now Kyle’s dresser in our master bedroom. Here’s a photo of the sad dresser before it received any love – so lonely, right?


And here it is, after a little styling action. Remember, it’s Kyle’s dresser, so I went a bit more “manly” than usual…


dresser by Restored Style

And just for fun, do you guys remember where this room started? It started here…hellllo pink flower wallpaper.


So glad that’s gone. Yikes. I’ll be back again tomorrow sharing a few fun art ideas!

6 thoughts on “The Dresser 2.0

  1. Layne Said:

    Looks great! You are so lucky your man doesn’t mind having stuff arranged on his dresser. Mine gets all annoyed because it doesn’t leave him any space to pile his clothes! *sigh*

  2. [email protected] Blue Said:

    It looks fabulous! So glad you didn’t paint it! (Although, I know exactly how much effort that took to strip it!)

  3. Sam Said:

    Love the lamp! If you don’t mind my asking, where did you find it?


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