The January Cure


Have you guys signed up for and/or read about Apartment Therapy’s January Cure? It’s essentially a daily schedule of tasks for folks looking to start the year with an organized and clean home. I’ve been somewhat following along, and it’s that extra little kick in the booty I need to do some serious deep cleaning around here (ie: the fridge, the dussssty basement, etc.).

This weekend’s assignment was to┬ábring home flowers, organize the kitchen, and to find a recipe and make a meal. Seems fairly easy, right? Well, this was our kitchen island on Saturday morning. Fresh off from a run to the grocery store, our island had remnants from that shopping trip, as well as other goodies that made their way here during the week. Bad, I know.

january cure

So….I managed to clean up the island and a few other “problem areas” in this room (did you notice the dumping ground in front of our entry way bench?) and I threw a number of expired items out of the fridge. Don’t worry – I didn’t take photos of the past-their-prime fridge items:). I also managed to buy some lovely french tulips. I thought they were certainly worth the $5.99 I paid for them, and I love having something fresh and new in the kitchen, especially during a month that seems quite dull and grey.

january cure

I also made dinner, and although I technically didn’t follow a recipe, I made one of those what-do-I-have-that-sounds-tasty salads. I threw together arugula, beets, edamame, feta cheese, glazed walnuts, dried cranberries, and topped it with homemade olive oil + vinegar dressing. It was pretty delicious.

So that was my January-cure filled weekend day. What about you? Are you guys curing? Just following along online for fun? Already so organized you don’t even need the cure?

4 thoughts on “The January Cure

  1. Jenn @ HomeStyleReport Said:

    Reminds me of my kitchen! We should probably be doing the same thing in our house. Where did you get the stems for the vase on your island? I’ve been trying to find something similar for awhile and haven’t had any luck.

    Have you posted about this homemade olive oil before? I would like to try that!

  2. Lila Smyth Said:

    I hadn’t seen this yet. I want to do it! I have the desire for intense organization, but not necessarily the execution :)

  3. Ann Said:

    Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t seen but I just signed up (despite only having 12 days left of Jan!). Love your blog, keep on trucking!

  4. corrie Said:

    I adore the kitchen rug/runner you have! Do you mind sharing where you purchased it at?


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