The new place

Morning friends!

We’re slowly but surely getting settled into our new abode, and anxiously waiting to officially close on our old house. It’s a time of joy, sadness, stress, excitement, and every¬†other emotion in the book. As soon as we sign the papers, I’ll give you all the details of selling our house. But while we wait for that, I wanted to give you a quick peek into our new 700 square foot apartment in NW Portland. It’s a one bedroom place in an old 1920′s house. We felt most at “home” here, for obvious reasons. We’ll also be able to walk to work, and we have coffee shops, parks, and restaurants just blocks away. I think we’re going to like city living:).

We have one large dining/living room…

One small bedroom…

And a sweet little nook off the kitchen, which will be my office…

I’ll show you pics of the bathroom and kitchen soon too. They’ve both been recently remodeled and will be super functional for Kyle and me.

Happy fourth of July week, all!

11 thoughts on “The new place

  1. Lacye Said:

    So cute! So is the move to an apartment a temporary move or do you plan on staying a while?

  2. jess Said:

    love it pal! can’t wait to come over for a visit AND for your house to be a done deal! thinking of you!

  3. Joy Said:

    Ooh how lovely to be in NW! The new place looks so classic. I’m excited to witness your transformation of the space!

  4. Kayleigh Said:

    Looks like you could do tons with this space! It’ll be fun to see what you do whined up doing because your so design talented!! I’m already loving that industrial light in the dining room! Good lunck on this new journey of yours. I wish I could live in Portland and experience city living!

  5. Beth Said:

    I LOVE that woodstove and mantle with the lights over it! I’m living vicariouly through your Portland experiences while I suffer through Phoenix heat – though I do enjoy the urban lifestyle I’ve found downtown. Best of luck with the old house – I can’t wait to hear more about the new apartment!

  6. Hilary Said:

    It’s gonna look fantastic once you add your own touches since it already seems to have great bones! Did you ever mention the reason for this move? Wondering if I missed something…

  7. Olivia Said:

    is this the yellow house and pettygrove?

  8. jenn Said:

    WOW! What a great find! Super adorable … and I bet you guys are going to LOVE living in NW :)

  9. Lila Smyth Said:

    It’s got a lot of charm. Change is always such a mix of emotions. We had trouble leaving our apartment even though we were headed to a beautiful new home that we were going to own! Memories tie you to a place. But then you get to make the new memories :)

  10. Laura Said:

    Are you in Westover? My secret dream is to get married and buy a house in Westover to have the perfect PDX grown up life. I am aware that it is unlikely that this will happen for me, but a girl can dream!! Haha

  11. casacaudill Said:

    If we end up moving to PDX (possibility in the next 2 years) we’ll probably end up in a one bedroom apartment too. I keep trying to remind myself that apartment living can be good – less stuff, less cleaning, less overwhelming options. Looks like you guys ended up with a floor plan that will work out really nicely. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.


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