Update: Vintage Little Girl's Room


I hope all you moms had a wonderful (and sunny!) day yesterday…we managed to see lots of family in one busy day, and we are thankful we had the opportunity to celebrate the special ladies in our life.

Speaking of mommas, I’m currently helping a dear friend of mine decorate a room in her home for her two young daughters (the original mood board can be found here). It’s coming along rather nicely, and there will absolutely be some fun “after” photos to share this summer. But before we get to the finished room, I thought I’d share the rather busy design board with you. The theme is “vintage modern” and we ran with the colors in the vintage quilt that Jess purchased on etsy. You’ll see there’s no pink  - we stayed away from “predictable pink” and went with yellows, teals, and corals. It’s warm, bright and fun.

Also, the unique challenge I must mention about this room is that we are working with a crib and a twin bed, as opposed to two beds. So, in order to make those pieces work together, we are painting the furniture  (the crib and the bed) a beautiful Benjamin Moore teal and giving the girls very similiar bedding. I checked up on a few of the pieces that Jess has already purchased from the design board, and I’m happy to report things are looking rather darling. Here’s a quick iPhone photo I snapped of the goods…

The fabrics are the exact ones in the above mood board, and I love the color and boldness they bring to the room. The walls will be a soft grey, so we’re letting the fabric do most of the talking in this space. Kinda like this room…

The fun has just begun…I have 4 more fun posts scheduled this week!

11 thoughts on “Update: Vintage Little Girl's Room

  1. Amy Said:

    Great ideas! I love the mix of fabrics.

  2. Jessica Said:

    where oh where are those lovely shelves from?

  3. [email protected] Blue Said:

    Love the color palette, Kirsten! Great job :)

  4. Lila Said:

    I love the colors! Fun fabrics too. Love that you went with colors other than the predictable pink and the vintage spice you through in there. Looking forward to the after photos.

  5. Mae Said:

    I would love to know where those orange book shelves are from! Love them!

    1. kirsten Said:

      I believe someone built them! That’s what my client is planning on doing too:). Aren’t they cute?!?

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  7. Molly Said:

    Where is the graphic orange floral-like fabric from? I know I’ve seen it as sheets somewhere, but now can’t remember where. Love!

  8. Kristin L Said:

    Where is the blue-ish graphic fabric from? I’ve had it in my own mood board for a long time and have just been able to track it back to your site!

    1. kirsten neiman Said:

      Hi Kristin! It’s from Spponflower – you should be able to find it on their website!


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