Urban Boy Scout

While doing my daily Craigslist stalking routine, I came across this dining table made by Trevor Oswalt from Urban Boy Scout.

door table

Sweet, right? I knew I had to see these upscycled furniture pieces live and in person, and after a few emails, Trevor invited me to his studio. We met last week and Trevor officially introduced me to his furniture line.  I learned that he makes numerous other furniture pieces such as desks, end tables and bookcases. All are worthy of applause. The craftsmanship is incredible and any piece would add life to a home and spur conversation at a party.

What was his inspiration for Urban Boy Scout? Trevor recently moved back to Portland after a long stint in New York City. In need of furniture for his Portland pad,  Trevor put his wood working skills to the test and designed numerous items for his home.  Realizing he could turn his hobby into a profession, Trevor posted his work on Craigslist and within one week,  had enough work to last him the next few months. Not only are his pieces functional and one-of-a-kind, but his prices are TOTALLY affordable, especially for handmade wood furniture.

Dining Table: $395.00

Dining table, two benches and glass top: $650.00

Desk: $495.00

Side table: $85.00

Shelving unit: starts at $150 (price depends on size of custom unit)

I’ve tried to legitimize buying one of these dining tables because they really are that cool, but I know better than that.  Trevor can customize any piece of furniture and can be reached at 212.696.6453 (he still hasn’t given up his NYC digits). I’d give you his website but it’s currently under construction. When it is up and running, I’ll be sure to let you know!

3 thoughts on “Urban Boy Scout

  1. Afton Said:

    Wow, these are amazing, and way more affordable than I would have expected.


    1. kirsten Said:

      I thought these tables might be right up your alley Afton!

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