Valentine's Day Goodies

Happy Friday, folks. I have heart day on the brain. You?

Here’s a quick Valentine’s Day round-up of just a few of the goodies I ran across for this lovely pink-filled holiday…


1.) Love cake topper – found here

2.) Red velvet cheesecake brownies – found here

3.) Casala Studios Valentine’s Day Cards – found here

4.) Tommy Hilfiger sweetheart sheets – found here

5.) Ooh la la pillow – found here

6. ) Valentine’s Day rice krispies – found here

7. ) Tom’s Valentine classic shoes – found here

What do you have up your sleeve for V-day? Any big plans or surprises in the works? Or would you rather forget this holiday even exists? I have photoshop class the evening of the 14th. Lame.

Cheers to a great weekend, friends!

4 thoughts on “Valentine's Day Goodies

  1. CollegeHillRenovation Said:

    Red velvet cupcakes – delicious! A photoshop class sounds terrific to me :) I’ll probably go out to dinner…nothing fancy.

  2. Shelby Said:

    I swear I had a very similar version of those sheets when I was a little girl, and I secretly really, really want them back!

  3. Susan B. Said:

    Just viewed your Apartment Therapy Tour. Although your house is not done to my taste (of course not!), you’ve done a splendid job in rehabbing it! Such flair and attention to detail…you should be very proud!

  4. Leighann Said:

    I love the Toms with hearts! I may need to get a pair! Thanks for sharing your find.


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