{Video} BEFORE Ranch House Tour

Filming a video always seems like a good idea. Until I download it onto my computer and watch it…then it seems like a really, really bad idea.

The video below is the perfect example of this. Kyle and I wanted to do a quick video tour of our “new” home because ┬áthere were just so many 1960′s gems in the house that we didn’t want to forget about. So we did it. However, we were under pressure as I was on my lunch break, we had juuuust argued about a not-so-important renovation decision that we couldn’t agree on, and it was a dark day, which equals a dark video. Not a good equation for filming a video.

Also, I know we are overly critical of ourselves (especially when we see our mugs on camera – yikes!) but I mean, can I get a hairbrush? My hair looks like I haven’t touched it in days (which is actually probably the truth). I also say “ummmm” probably 50 times, open with the cheesiest introduction, and I keep referring to my right, when I really mean my left.

Man, I did a good job of setting this video up, didn’t I? Without further ado, here’s our “before” house tour.

Did anyone spot the lovely built-in flower box near our front door? It had real soil, but fake plants. Who knew that was a luxury item in 1961?

15 thoughts on “{Video} BEFORE Ranch House Tour

  1. Laney Said:

    What a crazy transformation already! Your daylight basement has awesome potential too!

  2. haverlee Said:

    I think its just hilarious when bloggers pick apart their pictures (or videos in this case) and we readers wouldn’t notice any of that!! I think you did a great job. And your hair looked good ;) If My husband was filming me, I would have felt so awkward!! So good job :) Love the bones of your house. Its easy to see why you fell in love with it. So much potential. And can’t believe that fantastic basement!! Fireplace and giant windows? Amazing.

  3. TraceyF Said:

    Video? What video? Am I the only person who can’t see one? I see comments about it yet there is nothing here!! :O LOL!

    1. Mercedes Said:

      Tracey, you just have to click on the title and the video will pop up.

  4. Jenn Said:

    This is a GREAT video! I love all your disclaimers and completely agree with haverlee – I would’ve never noticed :) . The house is fantastic! It’s fun to see the before now that we’ve seen a lot of the updates – you guys have done so much in the past few months.

    I’m also completely cracking up about the fake plants in the entry – in dirt? So awesome! :)

  5. Skye Said:

    The house is awesome! Can’t wait to see more progress! Congrats again! ….so jealous of your attached garage and master bath!

  6. hannah Said:

    So much potential! Can’t wait to see all the transformations! :)

  7. Mara Smith Said:

    Did I hear you correctly? This is your first time having a laundry area in your home?! What did you do in your last home?

  8. Kim @ Yellow Brick Home Said:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. You’ve already done so much, but I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest!

  9. Mandy Knapp Riggar: Vanillawood Said:

    Love this idea!! It’ll be great to look back on in 20 years. I’ve been all about home video’s lately…they are so much more personal than photographs sometimes. Xo

  10. TraceyF Said:

    Mercedes, thank you! I have it now but before the link was bringing me to nothing…must have been a problem on my end :)

  11. Layne Said:

    Wow! What an adorable house! I can’t wait to see all the things you do with it!

  12. TraceyF Said:

    Totally see why you fell for this one, so much potential and I’m excited to follow along as you do it :)

  13. Aaron Said:

    Great place! I love the midcentury layout! Are you planning to preserve much in the way of authentic midcentury hardware/built-ins, or plan to convert to more of a bungalow style (subway tile, craftsman cabinetry/fixtures)? Looking forward to the progress!


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