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It’s Friday, friends! Can I get a heck yes?

In true Kirsten form, I’m jumping from room to room on you. I know I haven’t yet revealed our master bathroom (it’s done – just need some photos!), but my mind is now on our second bathroom. It’s going to be a much easier renovation project than our master bathroom was, so I’m hopeful we’ll be up for tackling it in the next couple of months.

This week, I visited my sweet and lovely friend Mandy at VanillaWood ¬†and we chatted about wallpaper. Like tile and paint colors, the options are endless. Mandy helped me navigate the land of wallpaper and I took home a few samples I’m pretty pumped about. I have a feeling I’ll be back for more, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

These are the four samples I brought home. Any favorites?! I numbered the below photo so you can easily shout-out a selection in the comment section below – opinions, please! I should let you know I’m thinking board and batten on the lower half of the walls, and wallpaper on the upper half. That’s why I feel like I can go a bit more bold, as only half of the room will be wallpaper. Also, this bathroom needs to be both a guest bath and a kids bath (someday), so I have to be really careful and play to both sides. It’s rather tricky, but I know a versatile wallpaper is out there that’s meant for us.





I’m all over the place, like usual. Help!

57 thoughts on “Wallpaper Options

  1. Mara Smith Said:

    I l.o.v.e. number one! I also really like four. Can’t wait to see what you decide on.

  2. Katie S Said:

    I like 1 and 2. But I’m a big fan of blue and am currently transitioning the wall colors on the main floor of my house to all cool tones. :)

  3. Pamela Said:

    My Rankings (in true college hoops mode) : #2, #1, #4, #3

    Good luck – everything looks amazing so far!

  4. Melanie Said:

    Really digging #2 and #4! I think 4 would be most versatile but I’m a sucker for anything leafy :)

  5. Judy Said:

    Not only do I like #2 the best , but I think it could take the most change in a room to make it adapt to kids or adults. You could change out your mood with this one easier. Love them all though. :)

  6. ErinY Said:

    I’m glad you mentioned the board and batten because that totally changed my opinion. I love #1 because of the contrast it will create with the lower half. I also think it’ll work for kids and adults depending on what types/colors of accessories you use. Navy is such a classic color and will work as a neutral so you can change up the other elements really easily without having to replace the wallpaper.
    I could totally see a bird thing going on with it, getting pops of red in there to make it playful. Good luck!

  7. Katy Said:

    I love #3. I think it would looke awesome with white and navy blue.

  8. Linda Said:

    I love #1. What Erin Y. said pretty much sums up my opinion!

  9. martha Said:

    Gorgeous. I vote for #4 or #2. I feel like you (I?) might get sick of the branch patterns because they are so specific, whereas the others feel more organic and abstract. Also you might get more flexibility with the multi-color palette in #4.

  10. TraceyF Said:

    Loving #1!! I think it would look so striking with a bathrooms white fixtures. :)

  11. Kara Said:

    I really like #1 & #2!

  12. CL Said:

    #2 is my favorite but I like #4 and #1 as well. Depends on what tile, etc you plan on going with but I think #2 is best for a bathroom.

  13. Erica Said:

    I love the second option! It is so beautiful! I also like the first option and the fourth option. I love all the colors in the fourth option. I think the second and the fourth options would work well for kids too. I can see adding some fun coastal elements with these 2 options that would be fun for kids, yet sophisticated enough for guests.

  14. Meghan Said:

    Don’t you just love how far wallpaper has come! Loving #2 or #4. Can’t wait to see all of the updates.

  15. Christine Said:

    I’m in LOVE with #2, so light and airy. I think it would look lovely with board and batten and could easily be boy/girl/guest friendly! Would look awesome with some pops of yellow! So cheery! Good luck!

  16. Kara Said:

    I love #4, but I agree that #1 or #3 would look great with the board and batten!

  17. Jennifer I. Said:

    I love them all but I really, really am drawn to #4!! It just seems fun and whimsical and like you could contrast some fun patterned towels with it and make it childlike!

  18. Sally Said:

    #2, for sure. It’s crisp and clean, and I think it’d be fabulous with the board and batten. I also like #4.

  19. Joey Said:

    Great choices! I love #2 and #1 is quickly following! I can’t wait to see what you decide on.

  20. Mary Ann Said:


  21. Patti Said:

    I absolutely love the freshness of number 2, but also love the complexity of 4!! First choice is 2!!!

  22. Anne Said:

    #1 or #2!
    #4 reminds me of Dr. Seuss or the 60′s…

  23. Maureen Said:

    I love #2 and think it would be the most versatile. You would be able to change things up easily with an accent color because so many other colors work so well with blue and white.

  24. Jenn Said:

    These are all gorgeous! Someone asked me the other day where I thought they could find wallpaper in Portland and I wasn’t really sure so I recommended Vanillawood — I’m glad I didn’t lead them astray! :) I think my favorites are #2 and #4.

  25. Lauryn Said:

    NUMBER ONE!!! I like the moodiness of the blue, and think it will look great with board and batten on the lower part of the wall. I also think its sophisticated enough for a guest bath, but also really playful for a kids bathroom.

  26. kate Said:

    1. Sophisticated, bold and rich yet whimsical at the same time. The lines of the trees moving upwards will draw your eye up and make the room feel taller.

  27. Nina Said:

    I was first drawn to #3, because I love green, and I could see kids putting (hopefully “removable”) birds and things on it, but after I read what Martha wrote, I like #4. You would have more options with towels and accessories, if you wanted a change.

  28. Laura S. Said:

    They are all beautiful and I’m sure you’d make any of them look great. I lean towards 2 and 4 for their slightly more muted tones and because they look more “wallpaper-y” and timeless, wheres as the white silhouette on color ones look a little more trendy and “now”.

  29. Dailey Champion Said:

    I love the first two! So fresh and chic!

  30. Teresa Said:

    Love #1. It’ll look fab with colorful accessories for a kids bathroom no matter what color- coral, yellow, turquoise, green, or more sophisticated for adults with Gold or Bronze or gray family even!

  31. Lyn Said:

    At first I leaned towards #4 because it just seems like “you.” But, then I decided that #2 is my favorite beacuse it still seems like “you,” but I could also see some really fun more kid style prints hanging on it whenever you guys start a family. So there! A #2 vote from me!

  32. Amanda Said:

    I love Makelike and that wallpaper would be awesome in a bathroom!

  33. hannah Said:

    I like #2 the best. I think the others will get tiresome and and dated after a few years. #2 is more fresh and could easily translate to a children bathroom, but still is sophisticated.

  34. Kelsey Said:

    Love 1 and 3!! Both are so bold… Great options

  35. Kimberly Said:

    I’m stuck between 2 and 4. Number 2 looks so great but #4 is so stunning in the detail picture. Number 2 seems like it would be the easiest to work into both a guest or kids bathroom, so if or whenever kids come into the picture you could easily make it more playful. Just my two-sense, but take it as a grain of salt because you know what you are doing much more than I do! :)

  36. Ginny Said:

    I really like 2 & 4, but I think you could do the most with 4. Loving your home so far!

  37. Jessica Said:

    I love 1 & 3. I think with the batten those will still appear bold!

  38. Yvonne King Said:

    I love the textural quality of #2 and that it is nature-y without being too literal. Can’t wait to see the results!

  39. brianne Said:

    I like #4 also. The colors are great and it seems the most versatile.

  40. Jackie Said:

    Number 1! As soon as i saw it, I fell in love with it.

  41. Candace Said:

    I love #2! It’s bold, yet, simple enough to add accent colors when it becomes a kid’s bathroom one day. It has the perfect amount if whimsy!

  42. betsy Said:

    First of all, they are all winners. You can’t go wrong.
    Having said that, I think #1 would photo the best… not sure if that matters to you.
    They are all lovely in their own way.

  43. Madeline Said:

    I am eleven years old, and my favorites are #1 and #3. Since you are looking for kid friendly choices, my mom asked me to give you my opinion.

  44. Jeanette Said:

    #4 – hands down! Gives off a cool, calm feel thanks to the mix of toned-down colors in comparison to the others.

  45. erin Said:

    I like option 4 very organic looking and I love the more subdued colors

  46. Mindy Said:

    The green one is most definitely my fave, but I’m a green girl through and through.

  47. Jenna Said:

    oh my goodness! i just saw this post. i am a lover of bold wallpaper. and im so happy to see that you are considering it! most people view wallpaper pretty negatively and old grandma-ish but not wall paper like this! i love the statement #1 would make, but if you are going for a bit more neutral, #4 reminds me of something out of dr. seuss book but more classic.

  48. Laura Said:

    I really love the blue and white botanical leaf. I just found your blog, and I can’t wait to see what you do with this renovation.


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